We are specialists in the design and distribution of custom and branded Gifs and offer a complete turn-key service.

Completing the design work with our illustrators AND utilizing our proprietary technology to publish them to mobiles phones and tablets in as little as 6 weeks.

Promoting your brand to two people or more, in every conversation your Gif is used.

You can even track the success of your campaign across the world, city by city and even demographic information with our analytics reporting.


How does it work?

  • Your smartphone comes pre-installed with standard gif, but these can be updated.
  • Visixtwo technology allows users to download additional gif products and update their devices, typically this is through once-only install of an app.
  • The phone is then updated forever.
  • For promotional purposed this is typically made available to the consumer free of charge.
  • Should you wish to monetise gif they retail for $1-$1.99.
  • Apple or Google Android will charge you a retailer commission of around 30% of any purchase price. Free downloads have no fees.


The time of any campaign is made up of the visual creative and the technology we use to distribute your gifs.

Typical timelines are 6-8 weeks.

  • 4-6 weeks for the creative and your feedback/ approval.
  • 2-4 weeks for the coding and distribution.
  • This includes approval times from Apple 3-7 days.

For our Agency partners we allow longer periods for approval/revisions where multiple stake holders are involved.


  • Design of Gif illustration
  • Rights of images transferred to the client
  • Distribution to IOS, IMessage and Android for all smartphone coverage.
  • Usage and analytics reporting for 6-month period.


As the campaign is a mixture of technology in the distribution and illustration we do not charge on a per gif illustration basis, but a campaign basis.  We typically recommend a number 10-20 gif as the costs are very similar to 1 gif due to the work involved in distribution.

Factors which may affect price are the complexities/volume of artwork and the time of the campaign.

You may supply the artwork and retain us on a distribution-only basis. This option is only available to experienced designers/agency and not advisable for most clients as you would be required to deliver AI/PSD files within certain set formats.

Contact Us- To discuss your requirements