Dominos Pizza Branded Emoji

  • High street Pizza Chain Dominos used a simple pepperoni slice emoji into a marketing dream. Rather than text in the phrase “easy order” people could call in their order using the pizza slice emoji.  The new method outperformed the old way 4 order to 1.


  • Working with Twitter the world famous brand Coca-Cola created a hashtag that generated an emoji the world over recognised. On the first day the world famous brand reported its hashtag #sharecoke was used over 170,500 times.


  • Almost 33,000 people signed a virtual petition set up by Taco Bell pushing for a taco to be included into the industry standard emoji list used on Apple and Android operating systems. Taco won and the taco emoji took its place in the emoji keyboard for all to use.


  • To celebrate making their chicken fries a permanent part of their menu Burger King launched a chicken emoji keyboard featuring an assortment of cartoon chicken friend boxes with silly chicken faces. These proved a massive hit with their customers.


  • Giant car company Chevrolet used emojis to help launch a new car. Comedy actor Norm Mcdonald starred in a video where he translated emojis that popped up on a TV screen behind him.


  • Unless you have bene living under a rock you can’t have failed to notice the new Star Wars film was released last year. Disney and Lucasfilm worked with Twitter to develop hashtag-generating emojis to promote the hit movie. Three emojis were designed to appear when people used character related tags like #C3PO etc on Twitter.


  • A local Chicago hot dog company Superdawg petitioned for a hot dog to be included in the official emoji keyboard. It was accepted and now takes its place next to the pizza slice emoji.Ford Branded Emoji Stickers


  • Car giant Ford ran a drive safe campaign in its virtual sticker collection. Created in conjunction with Swyft Media the car giant generated 25,000 downloads of its Ford Focus digital stickers each day for 10 days back in September. In total they had 40,000 shares of their branded emoji each day on the various mobile chat platforms, with over 1 million impressions in total.