Ireland just got the emoji keyboard it deserves. Crisps.

Tayto Branded Emoji In Chat Tayto Emoji Keyboard














Tayto crisps to be exact. Tayto has launched its very own emoji keyboard app, complete with a crisp sandwich, for all your crisp sandwich needs.

There are also a range of Mr Taytos displaying a variety of emotions, from joy to sadness to morto: It brings to mind the age old question: Is Mr Tayto a crisp with a face or a potato with a face?

You have to install a new keyboard, but it takes about two minutes and the emojis are actually images rather than the emojis we’re used to. So in WhatsApp, for example, they will send as images like this:

Also, the Android emoji appears to make a crunchy crisp sound when sent to a contact.What a time to be alive. *crisp sandwich*

Tayto Branded Emoji In Chat






Source: DailyEdge