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Visixtwo powered the Emoji campaigns of some the worlds most recognizable brands. Ranging from brands like Capcom, CES, Movember and University of Baltimore to corporate B2B brands like Stihl the world’s largest makers of chainsaws. We offer a complete service, taking your campaign to the end users phone, providing the creative design, technical distribution and even analytics data on how and where your Emoji has been used.



Reach 2.BN messaging app users and build an emotional connection.



Build a unique form of promotion ready on phones in 6 weeks.



Grow your audience as well as your revenue streams.

Case studies


Monster Hunter Generations Sticker App

CES 2017

Who Moji


Mo Emoji Official 2016


Money emojis

University of Toledo

Toledo Emoji

Press & Testimonials

“Working with Visixtwo on a set of Valentines day stickers, we saw downloads and interaction 3x that of any other free download.

Their work is superb.”

LINE Messaging App

The Hard Work Behind an Overnight Success

Nathan Barker is CEO and founder of VisixTwo, a company that monetizes mobile messaging in Manchester, U.K.

Capital One Spark IQ

“The coolest way to text is with these UToledo stickers!”

University of Toledo

The Kingdom of Crying Kim Kardashian

“It reminds me a lot of the ringtone industry in the late ’90s,” he says. “The first thing people did when they got home with this gray box was get ringtones. It was a way to express your personality.” The difference, of course — and perhaps what makes the more compelling case for custom emoji — is that they’re part of a two-way conversation.

The Ringer

“What we created together is impressive and we are really pleased”

Adam Korbl, Glide

Europe’s Biggest Users of EMOJI :France and UK

“when you consider how rapidly Emoji have become part of our lives, the results are no surprise. We predict that Emoji will evolve to being available in a variety of styles and themes to match the different tastes and age groups. Including sports, fashion and affinity group themed Emoji”

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